Arsenal is an online tool

that allows you to reserve surgical devices!

With the Arsenal App, you can do 100% of your reservations of loaners or others surgical devices. The App is connected with medical device companies and the vendor reps. They confirm the reservation online to make your life as easy as possible.

What makes the success of Arsenal ?

Arsenal is not a simple app.

it's a platform where health institutes meet suppliers to ensure that requests are confirmed and scheduled on time. It’ s an easy and secure way to improve the process of reservation.

How does it work?

Scheduling procedures

No need to telephone all the suppliers or all your reps to reserve the loaners you need. Fill a unique form on Arsenal, they will receive it and confirm online. You can create favorites forms to speed up the reservation process. Only two clicks to reserve and one click to cancel.


Thanks to a unique dashboard, you can keep track of all your reservations. You and your colleagues can verify at any time when the kits are planned to arrive or scheduled for a pick-up. The dashboard is shared with all the surgical team involved in this process (OR manager, surgeons, sterilization department, pharmacy...)

Smiiiile !

Take a picture of your trays with Arsenal for smartphones. Pictures are instantly available on your desktop. No need to rename or email them, they are timestamped and saved in the right reservation. They are instantly shared with the supplier as well to enhance inventories.

Want to use it ?

Arsenal is launching his platform in the USA. Do you want to be a part of it?

We love early adopters !

Contact us and become one of the first US Pelican !!


Meet us at

AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo 2020

Anaheim, California | March 28 – April 1

Why Arsenal?

In France, an Arsenal is the room where are stored all the surgical instruments

Who are we?

We are former Synthes reps.

We want to improve and ensure the loaners management

Why a pelican?

You don't like pelican ??

We love this animal so much! We're sure you will love him soon

Track record

Arsenal was created in 2017 in France where 30.000 procedures have been planned with us